Friday, July 24, 2009


I have often wondered what it was about that skinny, tall, long jawed boy walking down the halls of Timpview High School that made me instantly and deeply fall in love.  Was it the always in style sweaters and immaculate style?  Could it have been the way I saw other girls look at him and wish that he would give them some attention?  Or, maybe it was how I felt every single time I have ever seen him do anything heart would swell and I would find myself wishing instantly that whatever he was doing would end so that I could be near him.  Maybe it was his generous laugh, or his smooth speech.  Maybe it was his perfect smile and stunning eyes.  Maybe it was my fascination of the fact that I had never seen his hair messy.
No, I don't think it was any of those things....although they helped, I think I have it figured out.  It is the way he makes me feel when I am with him.  Somehow, someway, he always makes me feel like he wants to be near me.  He makes me feel like he thinks I am hilarious (which by the way was a great quality my own dad had), he makes me feel like if I leave, somehow things just aren't going to be as good.  
What a great quality to have.  What a great person to fall in love with.  W
hat a great way to spend the rest of eternity.  
I love you Babe!  

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How lucky am I to be in this family?

  A Question I have asked myself often and I found myself asking it again this week...."Why was I so lucky to be put in the greatest family on earth?"
We just had our "Ross Reunion" and I loved every minute of it. I am like a child waiting for Christmas when it starts getting close to our family reunion. 
I love to be around my siblings. 
I love to be around their children. 
I love to be around their spouses.  
I love to be with my parents. 
I love my own little family to be around all of these people as well.  
I feel like they are the kind of people that I would want my children to be like.  I have been trying to figure out why I love to be around them. 
 There are two common denominators in every possible scenario.  Mom.....and.....Dad!  
As I watched mom and dad swing in the hyper swing, cruise across the zipline, laugh hysterically at funny jokes...and some that weren't even that funny.  I watched them treat every single person there as if they were the most important person there. 
 I noticed that they never need to get away from all the "chaos", in fact, they are usually where the biggest crowd was.
I noticed that they loved everyone's meal, game, and especially their children. 
 I noticed how they quietly but constantly helped anyone who needed it and I figured it out this week.....  The reason I LOVE to be with my family is that all of them have grown up to be just like Mom and Dad.  And so, I ask myself again "how was I so lucky to end up in greatest family on earth? 
At 7-Peaks with our kids.  

Brett, always ready for a photo:)