Thursday, July 23, 2009

How lucky am I to be in this family?

  A Question I have asked myself often and I found myself asking it again this week...."Why was I so lucky to be put in the greatest family on earth?"
We just had our "Ross Reunion" and I loved every minute of it. I am like a child waiting for Christmas when it starts getting close to our family reunion. 
I love to be around my siblings. 
I love to be around their children. 
I love to be around their spouses.  
I love to be with my parents. 
I love my own little family to be around all of these people as well.  
I feel like they are the kind of people that I would want my children to be like.  I have been trying to figure out why I love to be around them. 
 There are two common denominators in every possible scenario.  Mom.....and.....Dad!  
As I watched mom and dad swing in the hyper swing, cruise across the zipline, laugh hysterically at funny jokes...and some that weren't even that funny.  I watched them treat every single person there as if they were the most important person there. 
 I noticed that they never need to get away from all the "chaos", in fact, they are usually where the biggest crowd was.
I noticed that they loved everyone's meal, game, and especially their children. 
 I noticed how they quietly but constantly helped anyone who needed it and I figured it out this week.....  The reason I LOVE to be with my family is that all of them have grown up to be just like Mom and Dad.  And so, I ask myself again "how was I so lucky to end up in greatest family on earth? 
At 7-Peaks with our kids.  

Brett, always ready for a photo:)

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